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Eat 5 A Day

18 November
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What all might a person want to know on here?
I am 28 years old and married to my very best guy friend. We live in a small house, have 2 cats and 1 goldfish and now a dog. Both of us are employed and working towards obtaining degrees. Our family just grew in Feb of this year, we now have a bouncing baby boy named Donovan! He's such a happy baby, I can hardly stand it. And adorable to boot! Photobucket
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I have moved roughly 24 times and attended 13 schools or so before graduating high school.

I have celiac disease which is kinda like an allergy only one step worse, my body is unable to ingest gluten and so I am unable to consume things like wheat, malt, barley, oats, rye..spelt...it goes on. Yes that means eating can be a chore, no you would not die if you were in my shoes. It is doable, there are lots of food substitutes and mostly I can deal with this with ease. There are no magic pills or injections to help fend any sickness off from ingesting these things. And they hide everywhere, believe me.

I have 2 siblings, 1 sister, 1 brother, plus one brother in law. My husband is an only child.

I have a world of warcraft account and I even like playing. I love to read and watch movies and travel. I scrapbook quite a bit and love to take photos.

I like strawberry jelly best and I think..most of the time, my favorite color is pink. it used to be blue. whatever.

I wear glasses.

Anything else a person might want to know? Send me a message if there is!